Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I get my property surveyed?

A: Get hold of the Certificate of Title, Deed or Map of your property and contact a licensed surveyor.



Q: How do I hire a surveyor?

A: Hire a surveyor based on his qualification, instruments, and reputation.


According to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Professional Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors, "Land Surveyors shall seek professional employment on the basis of qualification and competence for proper accomplishment of work (and shall charge a professional fee for all professional services rendered). He shall not solicit or submit proposals for professional services on the basis of competitive bidding.


Competitive bidding is defined as the formal or informal submission or receipt, of verbal or written estimates of costs of proposals in terms of dollars, man days of work required, percentage of construction cost, or any other measure of compensation whereby the prospective client may compare land surveying services on a price basis prior to the time that Land Surveyor or one land surveying organization has been elected for negotiation."



Q: How long does it take to get my survey map approved by the Department of Land Management (DLM)?

A: The first step is for the surveyor to gather all the record maps and documents of your property and your neighbors' lots. Then measurements will be taken on site and any existing monument will be taken into consideration to determine the best position of your property. The survey map will then be prepared. The time required to complete all these depend on the size and site condition of your property, and also the type of survey. The map will then be submitted to DLM for check print which, by law, takes about 35 days. After DLM review, the map will be returned to the surveyor for preparation of the final map. Again the time required depends on the size, type of survey and comments of DLM. You then sign the final map before it is submitted back to DLM for final approval which, again by law, takes about 15 days. Upon approval, the map will be recorded at DLM Land Records Division and the surveyor will give you a copy of the map.



Q: Can a licensed surveyor decides who owns a piece of land?

A: No. Only a court of law can decide who owns what. Contact a lawyer if you have any land ownership issue.



Q: How much will it cost me to have my land surveyed?

A: The cost of survey depends on the size of your property and the type of survey you may need. Contact a licensed surveyor to discuss your needs.